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Many women suffer the consequences of domestic violence and are at a loss as to what to do or where to go. They often hide signs of domestic abuse from friends, family, and co-workers, and their situation worsens due to fear and embarrassment. Domestic abuse isn't limited to the home and can often cross over into the woman's workday and appear in many different forms. Threatening phone calls, harassing emails, and workplace stalking are all forms of domestic abuse. Stopping domestic violence in the workplace means first identifying and then preventing scenarios before they escalate.

Tanya works for a small shipping company in Vancouver and has been unhappily married to her husband Justin for 15 years. Herself and her two young children bear the brunt of Justin's controlling behavior and verbal abuse. Though he's never laid a hand on their children, he's beaten Tanya till bruises have covered her body.En güzel bayanlar sizleri beklemektedir.She's lied to her coworkers many times, blaming her bruises on her own clumsiness. Because Tanya is embarrassed of the cause of her bruises and the situation with Justin, she doesn't speak with any of her co-workers about the domestic abuse she suffers. Once a month, she is so injured she must call out of work-in the past two years, she's missed almost a full month of work and thousands of dollars of her salary.